Rebates and Savings

Money Saving Items

Minerals need changing too. 

Replace FROG® Minerals every 6 months.
They need it! 

Dive Into Savings With
In-Season Rebates

Your customers can save up to $150 with in-season rebates on Polaris cleaners through September 2, 2024. See rebate form for qualifying products, including the world’s first hands-free automatic spa cleaner — Polaris Spabot!

FROG® @ease® In-Store Conversion

Program ends Aug. 31, 2024
Your eligible customers can get 1 FREE FROG @ease Floating System:

  • Customers scan this QR Code or visit
  • Customer submits the form and gets an immediate email confirmation
    • Make sure your store is in the email!
  • You give the customer the free system
  • King Technology tracks the form and reimburses you with like product in April and September